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Ehe sound of water and the wind in the trees are the soundtrack of our house between the mountains and the sea, this is a unique spot where you can almost hear the silence.

Relax and enjoy nature actively... Finca Goleta is set in 25 acres of gardens and woods by the estuary surrounding a house full of cosy nooks. Be delighted by our home cooking too, based in natural produce, either for breakfast.


Legend has it... that Maeloc was the first illustrious immigrant of Vilaronte. Escaping from the anglo-saxon invasions in the mid-10th century, he led his people, Bretons and islander celts, to the lands of Vilaronte. According to a manuscript found in a Breton monastery, he is said to have buried a treasure chest full of solid gold and a precious gem.

As the codex reads, he who finds the blue tiara will find the legacy of the bretons and will be blessed in untold ways. Pirate ships would go up the estuary in search of the treasure, but they would be “welcomed” by the guns of A Goleta to keep them from succeeding in this “noble” enterprise. Only those who really deserve it would be blessed with this treasure.